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  • Initial meeting - Free to see how Mark Ryland Associates can help your business.

  • Structured Programme - And timetable to meet your business needs

  • Sensible Price Structure - Agree with you a price for our services which sensibly meets both parties needs.

  • Quality Management System - Produce all documentation including manuals, procedures and forms necessary for the implementation of your Quality Management System

  • Training - Work with you to produce a structured training programme to met individual business needs

  • Auditing - Produce an audit programme to audit suppliers or complete internal audits of management systems

  • Third Party Accreditation - Provide the interface with the third part accreditation company throughout the accreditation process


We provide a wide range of solutions to meet both large and small businesses in a variety of industry sectors. These solutions include the implementation and ongoing management of quality assurance and health and safety standards, management review, training and auditing. 


We provide employee training structured to individual business requirements which provides simple and effective mechanisms. They include:

  • Quality Assurance Training

  • Internal Auditing

  • Supplier Auditing

  • HACCP Risk Assessment

  • Health and Safety Training


We provide systems to meet audit standards for:

  • Supplier Audits

  • Quality System Internal Audits

  • Auditing HACCP systems

  • Health and Safety Management systems

  • Health and Safety system audits

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